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Wow! It's been over 3 years since we made a blog post! We are really bad about this kind of stuff, but I have announcements that need to be made and this is the easiest way to write them!

Item #1- Our inventory reduction sale for 2023 has entered it's last month. That means that select items, the one's that haven't done well in the past 2 years, are 50% off! NO custom orders will be accepted for these items. Once Jan 1, 2024 hits (really the morning of Jan 1, after I wake up and have breakfast) those listings will be removed! So if there's something you have been wanting and it's part of that sale, get it now!

Item #2- Anyone who stopped by our last craft event on Dec 2, saw that we have a new product... STICKERS!! Not just any sticker though, dumpling cat stickers!!!! These have been designed by my husband. They are printed on vinyl sticker paper, with waterproof ink. We are currently testing out the adhesive to see if that is water proof too. These should debut in the Etsy shop on Jan 1, 2024! Right now we have 3 color variations, with more on the way! Feel free to message us on social media or Etsy for special color requests!

Item #3- I will be doing another inventory reduction sale in 2024. Select items will be discounted starting on Jan 1 and every 2 months the discount will get higher and higher. I don't recommend waiting too long to purchase something if you really want it though! These items will once again be on a first come, first served basis with no custom orders being accepted! Once something is gone it's gone!

Item #4- I plan on putting some large crochet plushies in my shop next year! I will start with a Unicorn, Cat, a Beagle/Dog pattern, and an Elephant. If you have a request, please go onto one of our social media platforms and tell us there! You never know, more people might want the same thing as you! Don't hesitate to message us about a product or request!

I think that's all the announcements for now! As always, check on our shop and social media's often to see shop announcements and when new items get posted!

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