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2024 Here we come!

Good morning! I have more updates for everyone!

  1. Dumpling Cat Stickers are live! Head over to our shop to see what stickers are available!

2. There have been some price changes. A small handful of our products have had a price increase due to the rising cost of shipping and materials.

3. The products that were part of our 2023 inventory reduction sale have been removed from the shop.

4. Our 2024 Inventory Reduction Sale has begun. Throughout the year the products that are included in that will have higher sale percentages as the year progresses. They are on a first come first served basis though, once they are gone they are gone!

Follow us on our social media and our shop on Etsy to stay up to date on everything! New products are planned for 2024, but as always we'll see what actually gets done!

I hope 2024 is better to everyone than 2023 was!


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