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Frodo's Adventure to Grandparent land!

Good afternoon!

Mr. Frodo chilling at my parents' house

We are back in the swing of things here at Frodo's Fancies. We lost power Monday night and did not get it back until Tuesday night, about 23 hours after it initially went out. We packed up the whole family Tuesday after the power company informed my husband that power would not be restored until Thursday night... With a toddler power outages aren't exactly fun. With a cat who needs certain medicines at specific times, it's even less fun.

So we sent the toddler down to my parents first thing Tuesday morning and followed with the cat and husband that evening. Frodo usually only travels for like 20 minutes at a time in the car, so the hour and 15 minute drive down to my parents (there was traffic) was not fun for him. He was meowing and clawing at his carrier most of the ride down. He is still on steroids from when he was first hospitalized 3 weeks ago, so we had to up that dose for the duration of our "vacation". He was super stressed out Tuesday night at my parents and his condition was exacerbated because of it.

Mr. Frodo made it to my old room and is chilling amongst the mess my mom has made of it.

Fast forward to the morning, Wednesday, my parents got up at like 5 am. Well that apparently triggered the Frodo to wake up, expecting food of course. My husband usually feeds the cat around that time normally. Well, they didn't feed him and I guess by 7 am he was tired of not being fed so he decided to YELL at my parents!

You have to realize that this cat almost NEVER meows and when he does, it's a small kitten like sound, if any sound comes out at all. So when Marc ( who had been sleeping on parents couch so he could keep an eye on the Frodo) and I heard this unearthly loud meow, we naturally thought something was wrong. Did someone step on him? Did he fall off something and get hurt? I didn't know what was going on. Neither did Marc who was first on the scene in my parents kitchen. Both of us asked if the Frodo was ok and what happened. My parents, very amused I might add, said that no one stepped on him and that he was just sitting there waiting to be fed.

Frodo doing some more chilling, pretty sure he's a Gumby Cat (Yes that's a Cats reference)

Apparently my parents had told the cat repeatedly to go wake up my husband, the aforementioned Marc, to get fed. Frodo decided against that and thought that these 2 people he kind of knows should have the brain power to feed him as well as Marc does. I have never heard Frodo say anything that loud before, not even when he does get stepped on! He's such a bossy kitty any more.

I thought this story was funny enough to be shared. I think it's hilarious my cat had the audacity to yell at my parents in their own house demanding to be fed. I guess even when they're out of their home environment a cat will still be a demanding diva no matter where they are.

We are home now and everyone is getting back to their normal routines. I hope to have another pattern posted within the next week or so, for free here, and for purchase on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop! Stay tuned!

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