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Arcade at the Beach Bags

Good Afternoon!

A quick announcement before I start talking about my newest Frodo's Fancies original Pattern!

Arcade at the Beach Bag in Blue Moon

This SUNDAY, June 23, we will be at the George Dick Field off of Christine Ave, in Hamilton, NJ from 8 am- 4 pm. I hope to see everyone there and can't wait to get some sales!

The summer is the start of the slow season for me, so in order to try to off set the slow time, I am trying to come out with more and more new products and Frodo's Fancies original patterns. This weekend is my last event until September, so I will be spending my summer building my winter stock and getting more patterns out there for sale for all you other crocheters! I also plan on adding photo's to all my patterns and revamping my store a bit. I also hope to clean my office so I can do something novel and actually use it.

Blue and White Stars for Patriotic Garland

I am currently working on a new Patriotic Star Garland to add to my seasonal garland listing. I had to create my own pattern for the stars because I did not like what I was finding online. So that will be part of the coming patterns that will either be for sale or free here on my blog. It is a short pattern so it will either be bundled with another pattern for sale or free here. I also hope to figure out how to post patterns to Ravelry so you can find them on more than just Etsy. Have to expand my presence!

Now, for my newest Frodo's Fancies original creation!

The Arcade at the Beach Bag!

Detail view of Arcade at the Beach Bag in Blue Moon

I used the Arcade Stitch for this bag and I think it is absolutely stunning!

I created a stable bottom using plastic craft mesh and sewing in a 2nd crochet base with the mesh between the base of the bag and the 2nd base.

This really is a great and versatile bag. It can be used as a beach bag for just the essentials, or as a reusable market bag, or purse (just make sure everything is secure so it won't fall through the holes). The strap on this first one I made hangs off the should rather nicely, but would be a tight fit on my body if I were to try to wear it as a cross body bag. Have no fear though, you can request a longer strap if you would prefer to have the cross body option! Every item in my shop can be made to the customer's specifications within reason!

I did use acrylic yarn for this bag, but a different fiber yarn can be substituted for a small additional fee to cover the cost of the more expensive materials.

I will be working on the pattern for this over the next month or so and hope to have it available for purchase sometime this summer. So keep a close eye on my shop and all social media for updates and obviously here in the blog for more posts!

That's really all I have for you today, until next time my lovely's!

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