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New Products!

Good afternoon!

Yes, I know it's been almost a month since my last post. I had been doing so well keeping up with this, then life happened and I forgot. No surprise there.

Anyway, I'm back! I will be announcing some new, much awaited products today and also give you some other announcements.

But first let me say, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there! Whether you have a human child or a fur baby, you are a mother either way! Thank you to all the mothers who chose to procreate and not completely lose their sanity! Child walk a fine line that way, but we love them anyway! This is my 3rd Mother's Day with my son, and I wouldn't change anything for the world! Thank you to all of us stay at home moms who don't really ever get a break. Kudos to the moms who go to work everyday and can handle the stress of being away from your child. Thank you to all of us who are stay at home moms trying to build and run businesses from our home. Many people don't understand that stay at home moms do actually do work. Being a mother is a full time job just by itself, then you have those of us who still need to help their spouses or significant others pay the bills, but a "regular" job doesn't fit or would only be able to get a part job where we still couldn't afford child care or anything else. Whatever works for you and your family, we chose to have me stay home and build a business. Moms are superheroes, we don't always wear capes, but we are the most underappreciated, underpaid, and unseen heroes there have ever been. We rock!

If there are any moms reading this, I want you to know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED, YOU ARE LOVED, and YOU ARE ENOUGH. That last one hits a bit too close to home for me, but it's something I know many of use struggle with and don't hear nearly enough. So when mothering gets you down, or you feel like you can't handle your spawn another second, sequester yourself away and say those 3 things to yourself. It will help.

Now that I went a bit deep with the feels, lets get back to business!

New products!

Small Suzette Stitch bag in varigated greens

Our first product that I just posted last night is our NEW Suzette Stitch Cross Body Bag! My wonderful Sister in Law was kind enough to model them last night after I held a combined birthday dinner for her, myself, and her parents (her birthday was at the end of April and all the others were this week). These are available in 3 sizes, Small (which you see her modeling to the left), Medium, and Large (which you will see her modeling below).

These bags are the perfect accessory for anytime of year, but they look particularly fun paired with an adorable spring/summer outfit like what our model is wearing in the photos.

The Small bag is perfect for just the essentials;phone, wallet, keys, glasses, lip balm, whatever you absolutely need with you that won't weigh you down. This would be a great bag for traveling as it has a zipper, and the crossbody design makes it so it is more securely attached to your person.

Medium size cross body bag in pink

The medium bag (photo to the right), is twice the width of the small bag, so you can fit more in it, like a phone charger or whatever else you might need, snacks maybe? Also, with a zipper closure and cross body capabilities this is still a secure bag for travel.

Large Crossbody bag in greens

The Large Cross body Bag is VERY roomy inside! This bag can fit BOOKS! You might think that's weird, but to those of us who are book nerds this is ESSENTIAL! If I can't bring my book, or yarn, I'm not going! I would not put anything too heavy in any of these bags, but this one can hold some stuff! Again, zipper closure and cross body design help you get where you are going with minimal worry.

Each bag has a hand sewn lining, made by myself. It is not a water proof lining, so please make sure your liquids are secure in something else.

New Product #2!

Adult Medium Shawligan in pink and navy blue


These wonderful pieces of outerwear combine the best aspect of a shawl, the drape, and the best part of a cardigan, the sleeves!

I made the one to the right with short sleeves, but 3/4 or long sleeves would be no problem to make! The 100% cotton and open stitching makes this the PERFECT Spring/Summer accessory! I use Lion's Brand 24/7 Cotton yarn and I LOVE it! Best cotton yarn I've ever worked with!

The drape of these shawligans is phenomenal. They are fantastically lightweight as well.

I offer these in a wide range of sizes, from children's all the way up to plus size adult!

The shawligan in the photo is a size medium, fits up to size 16, and has plenty of room. I am a size 16 and this fits me very well with room for bodily expansion.

This would be the perfect addition to any "long and lean" looks you might want to try this summer.

Thank you for reading! My next event is actually TOMORROW at the Bridgeton Christian School, located at 27 Central Ave, Bridgeton, NJ 08302.

Until next time!

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