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2019 Here We Go!

New Heart Earrings!

Good Evening!

So apparently my last blog post was October 22, 2018! Wow! Right after that post I was CRAZY busy with craft fairs and vendor events! It was an EXCELLENT season for Frodo's Fancies! I made more in the Month of November than I have ever made since my shop opened in 2015!

My goal for this year is to make what I made last year, PLUS an extra $1,000!!! Can we do this?! Yes! If all of you, my dear customers/followers order things, if you get your friends and co workers to place orders, get your boss to place an order too!

When I opened in 2015 I was still pregnant with my son, who is now 3! He is my reason. I opened this shop to help my husband provide for our son and our family. This is not possible without your wonderful people who put up me being extremely bad at writing this blog. You, who come to the vendor events I'm at to buy/order something. Without all of you none of this would have been possible. Let's keep up the good work!

My first Vendor event of this year, right now, is scheduled for March 30, at the Salem County Community College! I hope to see lots of foot traffic that day, and hopefully I will be able to convert traffic to sales!

I'd like to now give you all a very small glimpse into my life right now... Back in December my mother was in a car accident, which she walked away from with just some bruises and a mild concussion. Later that week, the dog my one grandfather ,poppy, got for my brother and I when we were in high school passed. Christmas with a 3 year was a blast. Fast forward in time to Monday of last week... My poppy, the one who bought the dog for my brother and I, passed away. He was 85 and had been living on borrowed time for a while. This past Friday (same week as poppy passing), my aunt, who has been to almost all of my vendor events, was involved in a horrific car accident. Her right leg was the only appendage to not have been broken when she got hit. All of the ribs on the left side of her body are broken. She has a nasty gash on her head... Please pray for her and my family if any of you out there believe in prayer. She has had a few surgeries so far, and still has I don't know how many to go.

2019 has not started very well for my family. But even though we are going through a pretty rough patch, I know I need to keep moving forward with my business and my life. I need to keep doing this not just for myself or my son, but for my whole family. If they can see me succeed during all this heartbreak and tragedy, then maybe they will be able to cope with everything better. Is it going to be easy? No. But that's ok.

Switching gears again, as many of you know if you are following the shop on any of our social media platforms, you know our Valentine's Day stuff is here! Yay! I especially LOVE the earrings!! More seasonal items will be coming. So head on over to the shop and get your Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day gifts!

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