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Product of the Week

Gasp! I remembered to do this on time!!

Good Afternoon all!

I am working furiously to have new products and new colors for our Fall and Winter listings! Right now I am bouncing between pumpkins (jewelry and decor) and hats (all sizes, infant- adult). I will be adding a new size to the infant/toddler hat listing, Preemie! This way anyone who knows a Preemie baby can buy them a hat for use right after they are born instead of them having a hat that's way too big for them.

This week's Product of the Week is our Seasonal Garland!

Fall Garland

I LOVE these garlands, and not just because I made them and I want you to buy them. No, I love them because of how versitle they are!

Need more decoration in your house? Need a special something to hang from a table at an event/ holiday/ birthday celebration? Then you need one of these garlands! These garlands are perfect for indoor or sheltered outdoor events. Water won't really hurt them, but no one likes to have to deal with wet yarn, so I recommend trying to keep them dry. Whether you need these to accent a table at a craft show, birthday party, holiday, or seasonal get together, these are PERFECT! These garlands are also great for hanging on a wall or over a doorway, really anywhere! They are the perfect addition to any house, apartment, or dorm! Great housewarming gifts! These are available in 3 lengths, 36 inches, 72 inches, and 108 inches. (That's 3 Ft, 6 Ft, and 9 Ft).

Prices do vary for each length. Discount applied at checkout!

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