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Product of the Week and other things

Good afternoon!

I am super sorry with how bad I am with this whole blog writing thing... Though, I'm not really sure if anyone actually reads these. They don't seem to bring much more traffic to the shop. Maybe it's because I don't do them on the regular like I intended... Oh well, I will try to do better. I do really need my shop to start being a success. So, if anyone DOES actually read my blog, please tell your friends and family, neighbors and complete strangers about Frodo's Fancies and where they can find us. Please, this would greatly help us. More traffic to the shop means a higher probability of sales! ( Do I sound desperate enough yet? Because I am!)

Next weekend,August 24-26, we will be part of a Back to School online event on Facebook. So definitely keep an eye out for that on our page. If you would like to be invited, please make sure to LIKE our Facebook page and maybe leave us a little note about what you like about our shop and what you think we could do better ( yes I am open to negative criticism, so long as it is constructive and not mean/nasty/or any other kind of not helpful).

Right now, I am crocheting leaves like crazy to FINALLY get my wreaths made and posted. I am basing my pricing off of what seems to be the norm or Etsy, so my 14 inch wreaths shall be priced at $40. I will also be listing some more seasonal items, Garlands for every season will be soon (starting with one for Fall). Those will be offered in 3 different lengths, 3 ft, 6 ft, and 9 ft. Their prices will vary from the Star garlands I already have listed. The leaves are larger and use more material in the making. I do not have a price in mind yet, so keep checking back for me to announce that.

Now a quick blurb on this week's Product of the Week!

This week I have chosen one of our products that , quite honestly, hasn't done very well... Our Skirt for the 31 Elite style (2 handled) Skirt Purse.

Skirt for the 2 handled 31 Skirt Purse

I find it surprising that it hasn't done well, because I know there are plenty of people with the purse that these skirts are designed specifically for. Maybe this will help.

The hand crocheted skirts for these purses are adorable! They attach the same way any fabric one would attach, with the hook part of a large hook and eye closure. These skirts are easy to change and allow you to have one purse with many looks! Perfect for any season, occasion, or personal style! Custom orders are accepted! Want a skirt with your name or initials? I can do that!

If you do not already have a purse for these skirts you can find them on eBay, or send me a private message and I can make a special listing with the price of a purse included. I have 2 extra purses that are BRAND NEW, NEVER USED that I take to craft shows to try to entice people into buying the skirts with. A Purse ans Skirt combo I price at $25 at craft fairs. This price is an absolute steal for these purses; their original price was something like $40 I think. I only have 2, so it's a first come first served thing. Like I said before, you can also find the purses on eBay.

So just click the picture above and get ordering! Discount applied at checkout.

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