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Product of the Week

I really am awful at this whole blog writing thing aren't I? I'm going to have to make my husband remind me...not that he'll remember either. Yesterday I forgot because as soon as we got home from church, I mowed the lawn as my whole family looked on (father, mother, brother, sister-in-law, husband, and toddler son)... Something's wrong with that picture right? Oh well. My brother had to fix a lawn mower that was given to us, a self propelled. It's much nicer than the other one I was using, but it's also heavier and therefore more difficult to control. I just need to get used to it and build some muscles.

Now on to yarn-ier things! I've recently gotten out my fall colors and purchased ones I was lacking. I seem to have a subconscious aversion to yellow, because I kept forgetting to buy a fall yellow. Normally I can't stand the color yellow, but it is an essential color for fall decor! I did finally remember to buy it yesterday while my family and I were out to lunch (both for food and general state of mind!) I have been crocheting leaves for a number of fall/autumn related crafts. I'm going to try to have more seasonal stuff throughout the year. Each seasonal listing will only be available for a few months, then the listing will be allowed to expire until that season rolls around the following year. I plan on doing garlands, bunting, wreaths, and random boxes of seasonal crochet decorations. Sounds exciting right?

Now for our Product of the Week!

I have picked our Crochet I-Cord Bracelets as this week's sale product!

Small I-Cord bracelet in Grapette

These bracelets are very cute and very lightweight. They are the perfect addition to any outfit! Bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit! These are for more casual outfits; summertime fun outfits, a day at the beach, or for everyday wear! Wide range of colors make these perfect for every season!

These would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a bracelet, but doesn't like the ones that pull your hair or pinch your skin. No pulling or pinching with these! They just gently embrace your wrist.

These are made with either a Light (3) weight or a Worsted (4) weight acrylic yarn, so they are lightweight and comfy! You hardly know they are on your wrist! The closures are nickel and lead free brass lobster clips.

These bracelets do a bit of stretch to them, so they fit a range of wrist sizes.

Small- fits 6-7 inch wrists

Medium- fits 7-8 inch wrists

Large- fits 8-9 inch wrists

These work up VERY quick, so they should ship out within a few days of ordering. This, of course, depends on the volume of custom orders I have. This might change during the Peak Season months of November- January.

Discount applied at check out!

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