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Product of the Week!

I once again forgot to pick a product of the week yesterday... And I know what you're all thinking, "why doesn't she set an alarm or reminder on her phone?" My answer to that is, I do. I have it saved to my calendar to remind me every week to write the blog and pick a Product of the Week, and I still forget. I promise I'll try to do better!

Before we delve into this week's product, I'd like to talk about some recent projects I've been doing/have recently completed.

I recently, within the last month or so, made myself a tunic length short sleeved shirt! I used Lion's Brand 24/7 Cotton yarn in Lilac, which was MARVELOUS to work with! I don't have any pictures of the shirt yet, but trust me when I say it was adorable with my Alice in Wonderland leggings from Torrid! I didn't quiet sew the head/neck hole as tight as I originally thought, but that was ok. How I did it made it so it was more of an off the shoulder look, which I found very cute and tasteful. Of course, when I showed up to church in full length leggings, and a tunic length crochet top with a cami on underneath ( with one shoulder exposed) my 51 year old mother kept trying to put the one side back on my shoulder. Because according to her being completely dressed with a shoulder exposed is being half naked...Everyone else who realized that the shirt was handmade liked it very much, off the shoulder style and everything. They were all also younger than my mother.

Anyhoo, back to the yarn I used. Lion's brand 24/7 cotton yarn was an absolute dream to work with! So far, it's the best 4 weight cotton yarn I've ever used! Lily Sugar and Cream always makes me sneeze from the fly away fibers, but not Lion's Brand! There was no allergy attack during the making of my shirt! At least, not one caused by the yarn! This yarn was incredibly smooth to work with, and was truer to the 4 (worsted) weight category than Lily Sugar and Cream brand! The color is so vibrant and pretty. I'm not much for purples or pastels, but the Lilac color of this yarn is really pretty. Best of all, is how good the shirt feels on! Yarn is soft and smooth on the skin, so no irritation, and since I used the Lemon Peel stitch, the shirt was remarkably light for being made from cotton yarn. Other cotton yarns work up into very weighty feeling projects, but this 24/7 Cotton didn't! I expected it to feel like wearing a chain mail shirt (yes I have one and yes it's heavy), but this one felt just like a nice lightweight crochet or knit top you'd buy from the store. It is so light.

Really a great top and yarn. I do plan on adding it to my shop as soon as I figure a few things out. So keep an eye on the shop!

I've also been crocheting more earrings and roses. Those projects are nice as they work up super quick. They are a great side project to do while my husband and I are playing DnD via Fantasy Grounds (an online way to play Dungeons and Dragons).

Without further ado, the Product of the Week!

This week I have "picked" one of our new products to be on sale and featured in this blog post, our Crochet Roses!! ( now do you get the "picked"? lol)

Large and small crochet roses

Want to have flowers in your home, but are allergic? Then stop scrolling and check out our NEW crochet roses! These are sold as single roses or in half dozens (6 roses), in 2 different sizes! Large roses for those big vases you have just lying around, and small roses for the more dainty vases or for smaller display areas. These crochet roses are gorgeous! They are the perfect addition to any home with floral allergies, like my household. Best of all is you don't have to water them! And if you do, its no big deal, just dry the stems and lay the roses out to dry somewhere! No harm done! If you do find you have to wash them, hand wash them and let them air dry, being mindful of the metal stem and floral tape.

Small Crochet Roses

These are perfect for anniversary gifts, house warming gifts, apology gifts ( nothing says sorry like a handmade gift), or just because gifts! Don't need a gift but want to beautify your life? Then by all means Treat Yourself!

Remember, discount applied at checkout! Follow us on social media for updates!

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