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4th of July!

Good afternoon!

Star Acent Pillow

I hope everyone is staying cool in this awful heat! It's reaching temperatures of over 100 here in Mount Holly. My 2.5 year old son is all about wanting to be outside in his pool, but mommy and daddy don't want to step outside! But we do anyway so he can get his pool time in. That actually reminds me that I need to clean the bottom of his pool, it was gross the last time I emptied it. Put that on the hubby do list. :P

Hopefully, you all have something fun and cool planned for Wednesday. My family and I plan on going up to Hamilton to one of my husband's aunt's and joining their family cookout. I will be bringing chocolate and peanut butter fudge! I'm apparently the only one in the family now who can make it like their grammy did. My husband's family are like vultures around my fudge, which just secures my place in their family. There is a big pool at this aunt's house, so my son will be overjoyed. It will probably be impossible to get him to eat though.

Red, White, and Blue Star garland

There will be multiple Products on sale this week for the "Product of the Week". All of our items that are patriotic will be 15% off. Our star garlands, star accent pillows, and our star pins. Discounts will be applied at checkout.

Red, White, and Blue Star pin

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