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Product of the Week!

Winter Items are now 30% off! Now that it's getting toward real(ish) summer, I'm hoping to move the winter products so I can make new stuff this coming winter season. Got to move the merchandise!

Product of the Week!

Star Stitch Baby Blanket

This Week, it's our Star Stitch Baby Blanket!

These baby blankets are hand crocheted to order. Every blanket is made with love and care in every stitch. I use the star, or daisy, stitch for these blankets. I think this stitch is just so pretty, and PERFECT for baby blankets! The second picture above this description shows a close up of the stitch so you can see how pretty it is! Every Baby Blanket is made to order! You, the customer, have 3 size choices, Stroller, Large Cradle, and Crib sized Blankets* (Sizes listed below). From there you can customize what kind of yarn you would like your blanket made from; wool, acrylic, or cotton**! Finally, you get to choose what color yarn you'd like. If the color you really want is not listed, just choose CUSTOM COLOR and add a note to your order. * If you wish to order a different size than the 3 offered, just message me! **Some yarn is made from costlier materials, like cotton and wool which is why blankets made from those materials are priced slightly higher than the blankets made from acrylic yarn. Acrylic is the cheapest option, but don't let that deter you from ordering acrylic. There are some acrylic yarns, like Loops and Threads Impeccable, ( which is what I use for the acrylic option of these blankets) are VERY good quality! Blanket Sizes- Stroller- 30 inches x 35 inches Crib- 36 inches x 54 Inches Large Cradle- 18 inches x 33 inches Brands of yarn used- Acrylic- Loops and Threads Impeccable Cotton- Lily Sugar and Cream Wool- Patons Classic Wool LETTER AT BEGINNING OF EVERY COLOR OF YARN MARKS MATERIAL IT'S MADE FROM! W= Wool A= Acrylic C= Cotton

Remember, discounts applied at checkout! Just click the photo above to check out the listing!

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