Product of the Week

Just some quick announcement before we delve into the Product of the Week.

1. There are new earrings posted! These are super cute, super light dangle earrings!

2. Some prices are changing for certain products. I'm reevaluating my pricing and realizing that I am under pricing A LOT of my products. Which is VERY bad for business. I know this is not something customers want to see or hear, but I do have bills that my husband needs help paying and I would like my business to be a success. Now, I have not upped the prices much, just enough to cover our overhead better.

3. The polls are still going on Twitter and Facebook for what new product you want to see come to the store! Please vote!

Now, for the Product of the Week!

Our crochet Cat Lovey/ Doll!!

This is a COMPLETELY customizable doll! Perfect for babies and toddlers! Boys and Girls will LOVE this doll! Perfect for Newborns, infants, and toddlers! Who doesn't LOVE cats?! I even made one inspired by my own cat, Frodo!

I only have 3 in stock right now, but there are more to come! I have the grey one, an orange one, and a black kitty!

These are 15% off this week! Discount applied at checkout!

#ProductoftheWeek #catdoll #catlovey #earrings #crochetearrings #hoopearrings

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