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Adventures around Mount Holly!

Good afternoon! ( this post does contain links to another store, but they are not affiliate links. I do not get anything if you click them except the gratification of helping a local store).

So my son and I went on a little adventure today! First we had to run some errands, then we drove down to the local yarn store, Woolbearers, to see what they had! I was almost instantly put into fiber over-stimulation!

This little store was jam packed with yarn! They had such an amazing selection! Wool; sheep, alpaca, merino blended with silk! Cotton; 100 % and blends! Mixed fiber yarns; cotton, wool, silk, acrylic, nylon, and so many more I didn't get to love on!

Bag with yarn goodies from Woolbearers

When I say this store was jam packed, I mean it was WALL TO WALL yarn! The store also had the implements you would need for knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, and some other ways to work with yarn. I spent too much of my husband's money in there today, even with behaving and only picking a few items.

There was even a table with some ladies knitting in the middle of the store. One of them was nice enough to entertain my 2.5 year old son while I tried to make my selection. I tried to stick to the cotton yarns today since Summer is on it's way. I do plan on going back to purchase some different kinds of wool yarn, just not quite yet.

I would like to share with you all what I purchased today.

1. 2 teeny balls of a Merino/silk blend yarn. The brand is Grignasco Knits, which is made in Italy. It is a SUPER thin yarn, I would put it at a 1/superfine weight , so I plan on using it for some crochet earrings or other kind of jewelry. I purchased it in 2 colors, a light pink and a light green. My son helped pick them out These yarns are made of 75% New Wool Extrafine Merino and 25% Silk.

These yarns are SO soft to the touch and feel so delicate! But don't worry, these will not just be decorations for my yarn storage. They will be used.

Superfine (1) weight Merinosilk blend yarn

2. 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim DK. DK is a 3 weight yarn, so not quite as thick as a worsted. I definitely want to find the time and money to go back for more of this yarn. I would like to try to make a mesh type shirt or cover up with it. Or maybe crochet a summer weight baby sack or something like that.

This yarn is definitely close to what Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton has for their 4 (worsted) weight yarns. This would make a beautiful baby blanket. I definitely think a baby blanket from this yarn would not weigh as much as one made from Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton yarn.

This yarn is also from Italy. So I;m seeing a trend in where they get their supply from. Such better quality than anything I would ever find at Micheal's or A.C. Moore.

Blue 100% cotton Denim DK (3) weight yarn.

3. 3 skeins of Hayfield Baby Blossom DK. This DK is slightly thinner than the Cotton one I just spoke about. This yarn is SO soft! It's an Acrylic/ nylon blend, manufactured in Turkey for a England based company.

I instantly fell in love with this Green variegate yarn. Firstly, green is my favorite color. Secondly, I could already imagine it in a blanket or a baby hat and mitten set. If you can immediately imagine a yarn as a finished product, you just HAVE to buy it. The yarn is speaking to you at that point and if you don't buy it, it might start crying and making a scene in the store and no one wants to witness that.

But seriously, I'm sitting here writing this post and I can't stop petting this yarn. It's almost as soft as my cat, who is sleeping curled up under by my legs right now... My cat has SUPER soft fur, so the fact that this yarn is competing for pets says something about how soft it is.

DK Baby Blossom yarn

4. 3 skeins of Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky. This yarn I would personally classify more as a worsted (4) weight rather than a chunky. As I'm holding it up to my other chunky (5) weight yarns, it's just not as chunky as them. It does have ever so slightly more chunk to it than my Worsted (4) weight yarns, but not much more.

This is made by the same people who made the DK yarn from #3 on this list, and it is almost as soft as the DK. Both this one and the Baby Blossom DK are 70% Acrylic and 30% nylon. I don't know if the nylon blend contributes to the softness of the yarn.

Chunky Baby Blossom yarn

I am so happy with my purchase today! I will be making products to sell with these yarns, and I hope these better quality fibers will contribute to more sales. Now, I will have to price the products slightly higher since they are made with better (more expensive) material.

I cannot wait to play with these new yarns! I will update everyone on what gets created later!

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