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Product of the Week

Good Afternoon!

Sorry for being away from the blog for a few weeks, life has been a little bit hectic lately. A few updates first.

We should be closing on our new house sometime this week, so we've been trying to pack up the apartment ( we ran out of boxes so that's pretty much at a stand still until we can start moving things and unpacking boxes to reuse. Yesterday we were at Salem County Community College for a craft fair that benefited Salem County Christian Academy's Athletics program. We had some sales there. And the toddler has been a bit of a handful lately. He's 2 and a half now and acting just like his father...which isn't fun sometimes. However, he is FINALLY grasping the concept of how to tell us when he has to use the bathroom, so that's a plus! We are well on our way to having a potty trained kid and soon will not have to spend money on pull ups! Which would be great because houses are expensive.

I was looking on Etsy at my store, doing some general maintenance stuff, and I noticed that I have officially made 90 sales! that means I am just 10 sales away from 100!! But I can't get there without your support! If I can get 10 more sales by the end of April I will offer FREE SHIPPING on most of my products! The only items that will not be included will be the full Plush Toddler Dice Set and the Baby blankets. So PLEASE help us out and keep those sales coming!

Without further ado, I give you, the Product of the Week!

Genius Mesh Headband

The Genius Mesh Headband was the most popular item at the Craft Fair yesterday, so I thought maybe that should be the next Product of the Week.

These are offered in sizes from Newborn all the way up to adult. They are absolutely PERFECT for those of us with medium to long hair and need to keep it out of our faces. They won't pull on your hair either!

Know someone who's having a baby girl this summer? Then you should get them some headbands for both baby and mamma! The baby girls I've seen recently all have cute head bands on! They look absolutely adorable! And those of us who are mothers know that sometimes with an infant, you don't have the time or the energy to do anything with your hair and a head band is just the easiest thing to do! You could buy a mommy and me matching set!

Of course these head bands are perfect for all ages, there is a child size and an adult size. No kids to buy for? That's ok, buy for yourself! Sometimes you just need something quick to do with your hair, but you also don't want to look like a complete and utter mess, so just throw on a head band!

These really are a MUST HAVE for any one with medium to long hair, or for anyone who just wants an accent for their look. The best part about these head bands is that you don't even need hair to wear one!

If you're not sure what size you will need, just measure the head it's for (if you can. Obviously, if purchasing a baby that hasn't yet made their debut a best guess will have to do). These head bands also have a TON of stretch to them, so they will grow with the baby or child!

Purchase yours today! Help us get to 100 sales so we can offer FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

Discount applied at checkout!

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