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Product of the Week!

Red, White, and Blue colorblock purse skirt for 31 Suite Purse

Good evening!!

Tonight's post will be short. My family and I were away all day today celebrating my father's 50th birthday. We went to an airplane museum, and my toddler was THRILLED, not just because he spent all day with grandpop, but because of all the planes!

Anyway, the Product of the Week is our skirt for the retired 31 Suite Style (1 handled) Skirt Purse.

The hand crocheted skirts for these purses are adorable! They attach the same way any fabric one would attach, with the hook part of a large hook and eye closure.These skirts are easy to change and allow you to have one purse with many looks! Perfect for any season, occasion, or personal style! Custom orders are accepted!

15% discount taken off at checkout! enjoy!

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