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Product of the Week!

Good Afternoon!

Set of 6 Lavendar colored Toddler dice

Last Week there was no new Product of the week because I was sick and didn't have the brain power to write a new blog post for one.

But, this week's Product of the Week is one of our new products, the Toddler Crochet Table Top Dice!!! I have made both the full set and the individual Dice listings on sale, so make sure you check both listings out!

Offered are 4 Sided Dice 6 Sided Dice 8 Sided Dice 10 Sided Dice (10 represented with a 0 like a real Die) 12 Sided Dice 20 Sided Dice

And a Set of all 6! These Dice are perfect for the family/toddler who likes to Table Top Game! I know from personal experience that Toddlers LOVE doing what their parents are doing, including playing table top games. Unfortunately, that means they also like to steal your dice. Normal sized dice are not good for toddlers and small children to get their hands on, so I have provided a Toddler and baby safe alternative! Each piece is hand crocheted and assembled with love. I keep your children in mind as I hot glue and then sew the numbers onto each side of the dice for extra security. These dice really truly are perfect for Toddlers and children. They will even survive multiple washings, though you will want to air dry them.

Perfect for Baby Showers or Birthdays! Each Die is made from acrylic yarn, and is stuffed with hypoallergenic Poly Fiber fill.

Lavendar 12 Sided Die

The Top photo will take you to the Set of 6 Listing, and the Photo to the right (the 12 sided die) will take you to the Listing for each individual dice!

Discount applied at Check Out!

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