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Product of the Week!

Strawberry Cotton Star Stitch Baby Blanket

Good Morning!

This weather is CRAZY! One day it's nearly 70 outside, then the next day it's 35 and SNOWING!!! So glad warm weather is going to be happening soon. I mean warm weather when it's supposed to be happening, not in the middle of winter!

Anyway, this week I chose our customizable Star Stitch Baby Blanket to be the Product of the Week. These baby blankets are hand crocheted to order. Every blanket is made with love and care in every stitch. I use the star, or daisy, stitch for these blankets. I think this stitch is just so pretty, and PERFECT for baby blankets!

Faded Denim Cotton Star stitch baby Blanket

You, the customer, have 3 size choices, Stroller, Large Cradle, and Crib sized Blankets* (Sizes listed below). From there you can customize what kind of yarn you would like your blanket made from; wool, acrylic, or cotton! Finally, you get to choose what color yarn you'd like. If the color you really want is not listed, just choose CUSTOM COLOR and add a note to your order.

*Blanket Sizes-

Stroller- 30 inches x 35 inches

Crib- 36 inches x 54 Inches

Large Cradle- 18 inches x 33 inches

Rich Orchid Acrylic Star Stitch Baby Blanket

These are the PERFECT baby shower gift! Want to wait until after Baby is born to order? No problem! That way, if the sex of the baby is kept a surprise, then you'll know what general color to order the blanket in! Of course, a color is just a color. There is no rule saying we must force our daughters to be smothered in pink and our boys to wear nothing but blue. Order in whatever color you want!

These are marked down 15% for this week only! Discount applied at check out!

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