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Toddler/Baby Plush Dice Part 2!

Set of 6 Dice. 20, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 Sided Dice

Good Morning!!

If you haven't noticed already, the listing for our Plush Crochet Toddler Dice is up!

These are incredibly cute and GREAT for any toddler who likes to steal your dice...Like mine... Every time we play.

20 Sided Die

Anyway, I finished my patterns for the 10, 12, and 20 Sided Dice over the weekend. These dice were INCREDIBLY labor intensive, hence the higher prices for the larger dice. I will be spending the next few days living in my wrist brace to calm my carpel tunnel


8 Sided Die

Honestly though, these dice were totally worth it. I am so excited that I can provide Toddler and Baby safe Dice for your families and friends. My son absolutely LOVES it when we have "his Shaun" (my husband's cousin) over to play Dungeons and Dragons or some other game involving Dice. He has so much fun sitting at the table with us and stealing our dice. He even rolls the dice sometimes,

12 Sided Die

which is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. A 2 year old, with 2 year old coordination, trying to roll dice as big as his hands for a game he doesn't really know anything about other than it has monsters in it.

He also loves to play with his set of Plush Crochet Dice I made for him to test out.

6 Sided Die

So I can say with confidence that these dice will in fact survive even the most destructive Hulk Toddler (my son) and can be washed multiple times. Just make sure you air dry them after and gently squish the stuffing around until they form their proper shapes again if they became funky shaped in the washer.

Head on over to my products page and order your set now! Shipping Prices are based off of the whole set of 6 and will change if you only purchase part of the set. Unfortunately, the whole set would not fit in a USPS large Flat rate box.

Keep an eye on our page for upcoming craft fairs and other announcments!

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