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Product of the Week!

Copper Wire Crochet Heart shaped earrings

Good morning!

I just realized that yesterday I forgot to write the Product of the Week post! Oops!

With most of my time being taken up with designing and creating crochet plush dice for toddlers, I didn't have the brain power to remember to do the product of the week! Yet I somehow had the brain power to pick one and set up the discount for it...

Without further ado, I give you, the Product of the Week! (as typed with my left hand since my toddler won't let me use my right hand. :P)

This beautiful pair of earrings have been hand crocheted from 22 gauge copper wire and dangle from gold earring findings.These go perfect with many outfits and styles. Perfect for those stylish people in your lives who love heart shapes!

The hearts are approximately 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, so they are one the larger side for earrings, but they are absolutely adorable! These are excellent to give as a gift or to treat yourself to something nice!

These earrings are 15% off this week only! The discount is applied at checkout! Remember, you can shop on this website, or click the photo above to be taken directly to my Etsy shop!

Toddler is trying to become one with the mommy, Got to go! Check out social media for updates on projects and craft fair apperacnces.

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