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Product of the Week!

Blue and white Glass pendant with red glass flakes

Good evening!

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different... That's because my wonderful husband found a new website creator and made a new website! Same URL, just a better looking and easier to use website creator.

Some new features are that instead of having to go to Etsy to shop, you can shop directly from this site! Your cart is linked with my Etsy store, but you don't have to deal with Etsy until you check out! Super Easy!

I will also be trying to do more blogging. I'll be trying to review the materials I use, patterns I've used/am interested in using, along with any shenanigans my toddler and cat, Frodo, get up to! But, please bear with me on the whole blogging thing, I have a toddler and a very bad memory, so having the brain power to do a more regular blog might be hit or miss!

And now, the Product of the Week!!!

This week, I have chosen another Glass Pendant!

This is a handmade, rectangular pendant made from fused white, blue, and sea foam colored glass, with red glass flecks fused in with them! It is a beautiful piece! This pendant comes with a silver chain! You could also sub out the chain for a ribbon or whatever you like for putting it around your neck!

This the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, a mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, niece, or yourself! Nothing wrong with treating yourself to shineys every now and then! This pendant goes with so many different outfits and styles!

There's not really much else to say about this super cute pendant! Head on over to the shop page by either clicking the photo above or the link below! This piece is 15% off from 2/11/2018- 2/17/2018!

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