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Product of the Week

I know it's been almost a month since you heard from me last. Sorry. BUT, here I am today, and let me say how much I am LOVING this cooler weather we've had the past few days in New Jersey! Not loving the rain, and the cooler temps might not be good for my garden that only just started to produce something, but oh well! I love having the windows open and waking up all warm and cuddly under my covers! Even the cat is enjoying us having the windows open and the front door open so he can see out of the glass door!

I am crocheting like crazy to get our Fall and Winter items stocked up for Craft fairs and so I have more time for any custom orders that come in over our upcoming peak season! Keep an eye on our Etsy shop and all social media for updates and new listings!!

We also have another Facebook event coming up next week, Sept 21- 23! Join us to see some great vendors and to help out a great cause! The event is to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer research, so you'd have the opportunity to be participating in a wonderful cause!

Now, without further ado, our PRODUCT OF THE WEEK!!

Fall seasonal wreath

Our Seasonal Crochet wreaths are a new product that I am SUPER excited about! Right now I only have Fall wreaths available, but winter and other seasons should be coming soon! (I'm waiting for winter themed ribbon to go on sale)

These wreaths will look amazing in your house, apartment, classroom, or dorm! Perfect for decorating sheltered doors. Or, if you want them inside, they will do fine on a wall or wreath stand. These wreaths will be tailored to each season with the occasional holiday one. I DO NOT recommend these wreaths for unsheltered doors or to be placed directly out in the open. I DO recommend these wreaths for doors that live under a porch roof/awning, or a door behind a light glass outer door. They will also do nicely inside where there is no weather to threaten them.

These are 15%off until Monday, Sept 17! Discounts applied at checkout!

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