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Memorial Day Weekend!

Good Morning!

This post is going to be full of updates and randomness. Mostly I'll tell you about what's going on now with the shop and other things!

Instead of a Product of the Week we are running a coupon for Memorial Day! Use Code MEMORIALDAY18 at check out and get $5 off of your order of $10 or More!! Who doesn't like a coupon?!

This coupon is good online only and cannot be used for an in person sale.

Star Garland

Star garland

Our next Craft event is this Saturday, May 26, at Salem County Sportsmen's Club, 273 Rt 40, Penns Grove, NJ 08069! It is opening day for the swimming area of their lake, so it should be a great turnout!

I am so happy it has stopped raining here Mount Holly, NJ! That whole raining for a week thing is super depressing and annoying for a toddler. My son kept asking to go outside, but it was raining and cold, so he was very disappointed to be told no. He will be very happy when I let him out this afternoon after his nap!

My work room is coming along nicely. There will be pictures coming soon of the finished product! Marc, my husband, bought a nice "L" shaped desk for me to have in there so I can do my packaging and computering in that room instead of having to bring all my stuff down to the kitchen table, only to find that I forgot something half way through the packaging process and now have to run all the way back upstairs a billion times to find what I need.

Star pin

We will also be putting in an application in for Amazon Handmade soon. Hopefully, they will accept it and I will be able to get more sales and exposure through that. We will also be renaming some of the listings to try to better drive traffic to the shop. We're going to put better keywords in so people can more easily find what they're looking for.

In preparation for this Saturday's craft event I am working on making some more of my Red, White, and Blue star garlands. These have been a rather popular item lately with Memorial Day almost upon us. I am going to try to use some liquid aerosol starch on the stars to see if I can prevent the points from curling. I will be stringing 3Ft, 6Ft, and 9Ft garlands. I will also, hopefully, be able to make some adult sized headbands before the event. I have run out of those. They can still be ordered, I just need a day to make what you want before shipping it.

I think that's all I have for today. Maybe I will start reviewing the brands of yarn I use soon. I just need the brain power and toddler free time for that.

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